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Security Inspections

12. juni 2023

We are rapidly approaching the start of the annual Shetland Race and we would like to get onboard and make a security inspection on several participating yachts.

Those of you who have been selected for inspection will be contacted in the coming days to agree time and place for the security inspection.
We have limited personnel to carry out the inspection so we will gather the selected yachts in some Bergen Harbor and Bergen Seilforening.
Thursday 20/6 we are busy with check-out and Captains- meeting so security-inspections must be completed within Monday 19th.

Best Regards
Shetland Race Committee
Svein Aaland, Head of Security 2023
+47 91895610

10 nyeste påmeldinger

152301 3743

NOR 15846sb

152131 3743

NOR 10545sb

152099 3743

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152097 3743

SWE 22sb

Bergens Seilforening

NOR 9701sb

Inge André Utåker

Arendals Seilforening

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Guttorm Guttormsen

Nordhordland Seilforening

NOR 7871sb

Terje Sætre

Kongelig Norsk Seilforening

NOR 7355sb

Tor Kramvik Sivertsen

Milde Båtlag

NOR 6874sb

Jon Hardie

SWE 22sb

Paul Nord




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