New routines for entering UKPassport

New routines for entering UK

3. juni 2022

Due to BREXIT we are the subject of new routines for entering and registration in UK/Shetland.

As a service to all our participants we are offering a smooth entry and registration by handling this on behave of all. How ever this requires filling in a entry-form, found at "for participants". This must be completed prior to the Captains meeting. This form does not replace the mandatory crewlist.
The captain may fill inn the form on behave of his crew, or he must forward the form to his crewmembers to fill in.

10 latest registrations

Stord Seilforening

NOR 15523

Knud Nagell Dahl

GBR 1642

Euan Mackenzie

Asker Seilforening

NOR 14760

Håkon Hjorthøy

Tromsø Seilforening

NOR 15415

Marthine Skogfelt

Os Seilforening

NOR 4804

Henrik Birkeland

Stavanger Seilforening

NOR 11555

Harald Gellein

Tønsberg Seilforening

NOR 12466

Jon Moholth

Haugesund Seilforening

NOR 15703

Jorunn M. Helgesen

Ran Seilforening

NOR 15553

Bård Singstad

GBR 2649

John Murphy


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